March 27th, 2009

Dr. Horrible: Bad Horse

It's Friday...

it's black outside, and we are supposed to get hit with a cold front. 80* to 40* in 2 days...yeah, this is TX, all right!

The new hens seem to have integrated well. 4 of them had put themselves in their coop when we went out to do evening stables....the Welsummer was still running around (so were 4 Buff Orps and 2 RIRs...but they went into their coop pretty quickly).

Am 4 pattern repeats from the toe. Having a hard time finding knitting time lately - Ms boss is in All.Damn.Day. :sigh: Still, there's always the weekend. :grin: I want to get these DONE so I can move on to something more fun!

Both co-worker and MIL are doing OK. MIL is home and feels better. Co-worker is home and feels like shit. :grin: I *can* sympathize with her - my elbow was cut in the same place as hers, so I do know what she's going thru. (Only, my bone wasn't drilled into.....:shudder:)

"Sock Innovation" by Cookie A shipped today - can't wait! I *love* her designs, but I'm more interested in her "Master Sock Class" that's in it. :bounce: I'm still waiting for my other books to ship.....:grin:

Grafton Fibers has some new stuff up - and their sock needles are on sale right now. Go - get you some! Tom's stuff is FANTASTIC, it's handmade, and you'll be supporting an independant fiber artist. Linda's color sense is Spot On - I'm waffling. I don't NEED any more fiber. I have *plenty*. But.....some of her colorways are teasing me. (I need to stick to needles. I can...hide...those. It's kinda hard to hide 5 pounds of wool. :lol:)

We're gonna try to get the garden plot ready this weekend. I have to mow, first - we lost a dog out there yesterday, the grass is so tall. :grin: Sweet Geek bought a bunch of organic amendments for the soil (Lava sand/Green sand/Dry Molasses and Corn Gluten meal), so....yeah, we're ready to go with that.

Thought about buying chickens yet? You should. Go to Backyard Chickens for lots of *free* advice and info, hit your local Craigslist or Farmer's Market for leads on hens (Hint: For laying machines, go with Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, or Leghorns. The first 2 lay brown eggs, the Leghorns lay white. There are LOTS of other breeds out there; these 3 I have experience with.). I'm serious - you need to have a food source available. Things are gonna get a lot worse, folks.....