April 1st, 2009

Calvin: Toilet

Well, THAT was fun....

I had to frog my FF sock. I was only 28 rounds into it, so it didn't hurt *that* bad, but still....

The gauge as written is 7 st/inch. When I measured (and re-measured, and re-re-measured, and Re-re-re-measured), I got *9* st/inch. Um......no. I could get it over the ball of my foot, but there was NO way it was gonna go over my heel (good news, though - I now know that I get 9 st/inch on size 1s in Flock Sock yarn. :grin:)

I have redone the crochet CO, and have picked up the stitches...on a size 2 needle, this time. We'll see how it goes.....I hope it works, becase I think a 3 will be TOO big, and I don't have any 2.5 DPNs. Ah, well......the K3togs were a PITA on the 1s, anyway...:snicker:

Zoey still has the burr in her paw, and she WON'T let me touch it. Sweet Geek will work his magic tonight (last night he spent with his aunt), so, hopefully we'll get her fixed up. I'm tired of bloody pawprints all over the floor.

We the kids dusted the hens last night. Hope they didn't suffocate them - Herself manned the duster, and I think she got a little trigger happy. :sigh: Got 21 eggs yesterday, though...:grin:

Better get to work...I have a lunch date to look forward to, so the day is looking up!