April 2nd, 2009

fiber: River (Firefly) I'll Knit

It's raining, it's pouring....

the sky is pitch black and it's thundering and lightening. Not a thunder-boomer, but still....I'm searching for webbed feet, now. Random blatherings to follow, so you've been warned!

Looks like I've hit gauge on the FF socks - a quick check shows 7 st/inch on size 2s. Go me! :grin:

I bought a book the other day from JoAnn's.....what can I say, I had a weak moment and a 40% off coupon...anyway, it's "Knitting Circles Around Socks". I am intrigued by the thought of knitting 2 socks at a time...or I should say WAS intrigued. I've looked at the book.....no way. I just can't *think* that way.

I'm a 5 DPN kinda gal. Knitting a tube on 4 with the 5th as working just makes *sense* to me. I've tried knitting 1 sock on 2 circs....it sucked. I had no relaxing moments, no zen....just stupid needle tips getting in the way or being worked out of order. *2* socks on circs.....I was OK, if a bit baffled as to WHY?, until I got to the picking up of gusset stitches....I lost my little mind, then. That makes NO SENSE to me, even with pictures. I just can't wrap my brain around it...oh, well - I have DPNs, so I'm good.

Did you know that the iPhone has knitting apps available for it? Stitch Minder is a row-counter thingy (Free!)....I guess it's to free up the need of a counter hanging from you or your knitting. That one didn't really do anything for me...but there's one that helps you calculate your gauge (.99...I can do that!) There's also one that helps you size your needles (also .99, IIRC). I'm thinking about the gauge one - I *always* have a row counter somewhere in my bag, but a ruler? Not always. That one might be useful. Oh, and there's one that helps you calculate how much yarn you need for a specific project (again, I think it's .99)

I find it interesting that there are knit-related apps for a phone..it tickles me. :grin:

We were able to remove the cockleburr from Zoey's paw last night..there was much yelping and blood, but she's fine now. We gave her an aspirin and I doused her paw in Campho-Phoneque (or...whatever) before attmepting the removal...something worked. :grin:

Huh - the storm seems to be moving out. :huzzah: We'll see if it hits 70* today.....