April 10th, 2009

fiber: River (Firefly) I'll Knit

It's Friday!

And a holiday! So, we went clothes shopping while Sweet Geek waited for Sears (the refridgerator is out - again). The kids are now set for summer - go me!

Have started the heel on FF sock #1 - my sock looks like a hedgehog. I have 8 DPNs in it right now - 4 at the foot, and the 4 I am working with on the heel. Soon, I'll have 4 more in it - at the cuff, so I can try it on. My sock looks very lethal (I really should get a photo of this - it's freaky.)

Sweet Geek paid me a compliment the other day - I had finished the pattern portion, and was knitting down the leg towards where I would stick the waste yarn for the heel. He glanced over at me, did a double-take, and said "That is a WAY COOL sock!"...and he MEANT it. He saw the spinning wheel almost instantly - I didn't have to explain the patterning to him, and he was mucho impressed. :grin: and :huggles: He saw the hedgehog last night and just blinked at me.....:lol:

I've never done a peasant heel before, or slip-stitch patterning, so this is gonna be a learning experience (I've never done a crochet CO, either....I have already stretched my boundries on this sock, and it's only half done! :boggle:)

Herself had a MAJOR melt-down last night. :sigh: All because she simply can't keep her mouth shut - and because she has a worse potty-mouth than..me OR half the US Army. Seriously - I don't know WHERE she got some of these words, because *I* (and Sweet Geek) do NOT use them. :sigh: She was in a full-blown melt-down for almost an hour last night...this morning we're all peachy keen. I just LOVE Asberger's (/sarcasm)

Sweet Geek and Herself are out setting up the garden and planting all the stuffs he's bought over the winter. Himself helped me put up the new clothes and get some seeds started - we still have a bunch to sow, but they have to be started outside. Fun stuff!

I need to get back to my sock....might as well be productive while I wait for Sears to call. :rolls eyes: