April 13th, 2009

Disney: L&S Caffeine

Busy busy busy

The weekend was busy - we spent Friday waiting for Sears (it was a part..not the compressor, but a valve) and doing yard work. (I now have a 3' Japanese Maple in my yard. And a veggie garden started) Also got the kids new clothes, and started seeds.

Saturday, we ran around hunting a fish for Himself - found it, 35 miles away. It's a calico goldfish, and it's purty. :grin: More yardwork.

Sunday, we worked inside - rain/mud outside. Got the closet all fixed up (finally! :huzzah:) and reorganized. I got the kids closets and dressers all organized. The seeds we started Friday have already sprouted (LOVE the Jiffy Greenhouses - LOVE them!)

Am hunting for an English Bulldog puppy - anyone have any legitimate leads that aren't gonna cost me thousands? I keep hitting scammers. :sigh: We just want a pet-quality male....NOT a super-dooper show champion thing. I don't mind paying shipping, or a resonable fee (the local breeders want $1500+ - the pet store here near work wants *$3400*...for a PUPPY. They are out of their flipping minds!)....I just can't pay more for a dog than I did for one of my horses.

Must run - working on taxes and billings.