April 17th, 2009

QOW: Angela

Wow...trolls are out!

I've gotten a few emails recently regarding my Sweet Geek. Apparantly he's a lazy, good-for-nothing sorta guy (news to me!) who puts Himself before us. :scratches head:

The current "issue" is that he is taking forever on "my" projects, but gets "his" done quickly. First off - WTH? There are no "My" or "His"...just "Ours". Yes, he is doing yard work.....and yes, the chicken run isn't "done"*, nor is the horse fence repaired.

So, since it seems to be an issue, here's a post. WE have prioritized stuff - what needs to be done in what order. I don't owe anyone an explanation, but you're gonna get one anyway. :grin:

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Now that *that's* off my chest...:grin: The pullets were fine this AM. Didn't check on the 2 puny hens, so don't know there.
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