April 20th, 2009

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound


That about sums it up. :grin: The pullets haven't *quite* figured out where "home" is....Sweet Geek had to chase 4 of 'em last night because they didn't put themselves in the coop. THAT was fun!

We filled in some holes in the driveway yesterday - hope it helps. They were getting kinda deep (need to quit driving over/parking in them - that'll help. For a while, anyway). One of them was right near the water line :yikes:

Am groggy this AM - didn't sleep well. :shrug: Means more caffiene today for me!

Hope the pool guys get it done today....it's almost swim season!
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Musings on Niddah...

Anna has had some articles on Niddah and Mikvahs, and they are very well written. I disagree with her on one point, and didn't want to invade her space - I might be wrong, after all! So...here's my musings.

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And before anyone asks, Yes, Torah still applies to us today - Jesus Himself said so. I'm outta time tonight - I have to check on the sick chicken and get the kids in the bath - but I'll try to do something...I'll probably copy Anna's post on this subject, since she's written it so well! :lol: