April 21st, 2009

Dr. Horrible: Hammer Tingling

Tuesday blatherings....

Spent most of last evening waiting on the Mac to burn a DVD. I...don't do Macs, I don't understand how you can run Windows on a Mac....and, no matter what I did, I couldn't find the blasted files after I "burned" them to the DVD. It took almost 2 hours to get the thing done.....and yes, I did a post last night (why not? I couldn't leave the Mac, the laptop is right there..so, yeah.)(Sweet Geek was at his aunt's, or he'd'a done it himself)

Anyway....the pool liner is in, and it's GORGEOUS. Just gorgeous. The original liner was just your plain, boring blue - nice, but....blue. This one? Is sorta granite looking on the bottom, with "tile" along the rim. We need to put the stairs back in (that "wasn't the installer's job"...for $630, you'd think they'd do more than just stick the new liner in!), but the pool looks great. Can't wait for it to warm up enough to swim!

Sick chicken: she's not sick, she's injured. She has a bruise on her butt that the other hens have pecked at (so it's now an open wound). My co-worker had the brilliant idea of setting up the dog kennel for her (it was already in the run - we're going to use it to hold the compost heaps, so the hens can turn them for us)...so we set it up last night. She spent the night in the dog crate, and was still alive this morning (always a worry). She can see her flock-mates, but they can't pick on her now. I dusted her with Sevin dust and applied Cut Heal to the spot, so we'll see..

Broody hen: is apparantly *over* it. She was running around last night with the rest of 'em...we'll see. If so, I'm glad I didn't invest in any fertile eggs!

Not much else going on - the water bill will be high this month since we're refilling the pool...need to keep an eye on it, anyway. Don't wanna pay for my neighbor's to use my water! :grin: