April 23rd, 2009

pets: chickens

Chickens sure are silly....

Injured hen is doing better. I mean - REALLY better. Sweet Geek and I went into the dog kennel/hen hospital last night to discuss something...I hadn't pulled the gate all the way shut. No biggie, thought I - Ms. hen isn't actually moving around much...and then I turned around and watched her do her best impression of "Escape from Alcatraz". :shakes head:

We spent a good 10 minutes chasing her around the run trying to recapture her. She ran, she hid under the coops, she dodged....silly thing! She was most upset when we plopped her back in the hospital. :grin:

I figure we'll keep her isolated a few more days, just to make sure she won't be picked on.

Freezer: He replaced a valve. Again. The refridgerator STILL isn't as cold as it should be, but the freezer is cold and ice is being made. I am NOT holding my breath - mark my words, I'll be calling their *wonderful* (/sarcasm) service department again about this.

Speaking of Sears sucks, reasons why: I got a very interesting comment on yesterday's entry from someone at Sears (supposedly). The domain *does* point to Sears' homepage...but it sure smells fishy to me. I'll do some more research, but I'm thinking someone's trying to play me for some reason. It makes NO sense that someone WITH Sears would randomly find my LJ (I did a google yesterday after the comment hit my inbox....my journal? Wasn't on the first 5 pages of google - I searched "I hate Sears" and "hate Sears" and even "Sears sucks"....no hits. So...yeah.) and comment there, instead of, y'know, CALLING me on one of the *4* numbers they have for me. If they really cared, that is - they don't, and that's the problem. They outsourced customer service, and they can't deviate from the preprinted script, they can't actually LOOK UP anything, and they certainly can't HELP the CUSTOMER. I'm not saying that the US-based CS was better - well, yeah, I am, actually....they actually STOOD BY what they sold, and tried to make the customer happy. Now? It's all about the bottom line - I got news for them, *I* will NOT be going back to them when my dryer finally dies (which will probably be in the next year or so. It is, after all, OVER 5 years old, so....they don't build 'em like they used to. :sigh:) - it's not drying the clothes in one cycle any more, even when I spin them out 2 or 3 times before transferring them over. I've already got my eye on my next set - Home Depot has them, they'll bring them out and set them up, and haul off the old set. :nods head: No more Kenmore Crap for me! No more paying $200 for an "extended warranty" that means I get to wait at least 3 days for most repairs - or more, if I don't pitch a fit - and then get told BY THE REPAIRMAN that I really shoud have ordered the part and fixed it myself (remember my dishwasher earlier this year? Yeah..only no, I *paid* for the damn warranty, you can damn well do your stinking job!)

:deep breath: Wow..that turned into a rant. :blink: Sorry about that - guess I'm still a little pissed at Sears....and will be again in a few weeks, I bet, when the compressor goes out AGAIN and I have to do this AGAIN. If I had an extra $1600 laying around, I'd replace the damn appliance with someone a bit more reliable...but I don't, so....yeah. :sigh: