April 28th, 2009

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound


Made it in finally - had a doctor's appt. this morning (the annual check the tires and change the oil one. :ick:) Everything looks good - I need to get the girls smushed - and I'm done for another year.

The pullets did not want to go to bed last night - I had to sort of herd them toward the coop. :heh: They're just like my kids - 'it's not bedtime yet! 5 more minutes! Please!' Silly birds.....

Finished the toe of FF Sock #1 while waiting on the doctor. Need to do the cuff now..but I started FF Sock #2. (You have to p/u the stitches and knit from there - I'd rather make sure I have plenty of yarn to finish BOTH socks. :grin:) The doc's nurse asked me to knit some covers for the stirrups...I need to do some looking about, I think. (How weird would *that* be? I mean, I've knit a few...odd...things, but this would take the cake!)

Ms. boss just called - she was in an accident this AM. She's OK, but her car....Not good.....