May 4th, 2009

Firefly: Shiny Engine

It's Monday....

I'm tired, of course...but I have photos! :grin: I won't spam you with many - how many photos of chickens can people take, anyway? - but here's 2:

Here's some of the new pullets:

They're 10-ish weeks old now, and you can see the black/white thing going on. They'll end up mostly white, believe it or not, with black edging to each feather. Beautiful birds! Sorry it's not a better picture - those critters move FAST! :lol:

Here's Boots:

She's losing her baby coat, and it's coming in a deep, dark *bay* with grey flecks. I predict she'll be all grey, like Finn, by the time she's 3. (She's only 2.5 months old now). I told her she needs to buy the waterproof mascera next time - this batch is running! :lol:

Haven't heard back from our friends yet, but I did some price checking yesterday. For some reason, folks are selling cashmere goats for LESS than Nubian. :confused: Anyway, I'm expecting to pay about $300 - $350 per goat (Judging from what other breeders (in other states) are pricing their goats at. I hope it's a little less, of course, but I'm erring on the high side here. I don't want to cheat my friend, and I know that they won't cheat us. Her goats? Guaranteed healthy and CAE free (CAE = goat AIDS, basically), and from good milking does. The less expensive goats on Craigs List? No clue on health or Milking ability. You really do get what you pay for, and we want good goats.) So, we're starting the Goat Fund now. :lol: There's a few supplies I need to acquire, but we have until January, at the *earliest* (for milk production), so I have time to watch eBay.)....

I post this not to say "HEY! Look what we're spending!" but to help educate folks. *I* had no idea what to expect - CL has Nubians listed anywhere from $125 for a ready-to-pop doe on up to $275 for a doe in milk. (Again, no idea on the health status or milk production). Cashmere goats (with no idea of the quality of fiber) are going for around $200 for a doe AND kid(s). Again, *those* ads don't mention milk production.....fiber is nice, yes, but I'm going more for milk - I have a Garage FULL of fiber that needs spinning. More would be nice...but...yeah.

Pygmy's give milk, too....but not in large quantities (I consider anything less than a half gallon a day to be small quantity). They're going for about $100 on CL.....but we'd need at least 5 to match the production of 3 sub-average Nubians (or my friend's Cashmere. I saw her milk records - the Cashmere were producing almost as much as her purebred Nubians!). We only go thru about 2 gallons of cow milk a that's what I'm looking at. (For comparison's sake, an average Jersey cow - which most Homesteaders use - gives 4 gallons A DAY.)

Anyway, I'm off to start the hunt for a few more supplies. Not buying just yet, but I need to get prices in my head for when I *do* get ready to buy. Beats researching breeds, that's for sure! :lol: