May 5th, 2009

Dr. Horrible: Bad Horse

Stupid MSM...

Seems my school district has been influenced by the MSM (that's MainStream Media to you)....we are closed until 5/18 due to a POSSIBLE case of H1N1 (Swine Flu).....:sigh: The kids, of course, LOVE this. Me? It's the FLU. Different strain, yes...but stll the FLU. Same thing that goes around every year; we get it, we hydrate and rest, and we get over it. No one closes the schools for the regular flu.....

Ah, well - just another way for the g'mt to control the sheeple. (Yes, I'm cynical this morning). Get 'em so upset and worried about a normal virus and they won't pay attention to anything that's going on around them. (My darker cynical side wonders what they're training the sheeple for.)

Anyway. Herself got "Student of the Six Weeks"......good, but surprising. She's doing well in school (except for the whole no-turning-in-homework thing), and I'm glad to see that. Himself "hates school", but yet he loves learning - he's reading at a 6.5 grade level now (he's in 3rd grade).

We got our Maggidan's Milker last night. Seems simple enough - now I just need a goat to try it on. :lol:

Supposed to rain again today....I really need an Ark. Seriously - my garden has become a swamp (and I think all the seedlings are gone), the chicken run is pure mud, and the horse paddocks are messy. We can't do much of anything outdoors right now - between the mud and mosquitos, it's too hard. :sigh: