May 12th, 2009

Calvin: Toilet

Welcome to my world....

Am fed up with one of our contract jobs. All I am supposed to do is cut the checks and run the invoices, then mail them out. All the info is SUPPOSED to be checked and OK'd before it gets to me....only, it's not. I was off $1800 between the timesheets sent to me and the electronic timesheets filled out. (We're doing it 2 ways right now to make sure all the contractors know what they're doing....obviously, they DON'T). :Sigh: I did find $1400 of it.....and asked the office manager of the contract job to find the other $400 (good luck with that!)

:deep breath: It's foggy out this AM; very pretty and surreal. Chilly, but hey - it's only May. :grin:

The pool company called me this AM - they will be out today to replace the pump motor. :huh?: I told her that's NOT what the note said - it said "Pump needs new motor. Call". She got pissed...:heh heh: It'll be about $20 cheaper than if I had bought the motor on eBay and found someone else to install it (2 hours x hourly rate of at least $80 - the pool co charges $85/hour),'s OK. Plus it'll be fixed TODAY. (I'm still not totally happy with them, but we'll see...this helps a little bit.)

I need to re-do the Invoices with the new data.....still off $400, but it's NOT MY PROBLEM. :grin: