May 13th, 2009

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

*THAT* went well...

my pool pump is in little pieces alongside the deck. Seems that, when the tech pulled the motor, the impeller broke. It's a $30 part, so I am NOT going to press the issue (although, honestly, I don't think *I* should pay for it...but I can't prove it wasn't broken before the tech opened it up). :sigh: It's still cheaper than buying a brand new unit. They aren't sure how long it'll be before the part gets in, though...:sigh:

Spent all day yesterday on the contract stuff. Some people can screw up the simplest things! :bigger sigh:

ThreeIrishGirls is working on my custom yarn - MacLellan base yarn (fingering weight) dyed in the colors of - what else?! - the MacLellan Ancient Tartan! :grin: I need to mail off one of my sashes for her to accurately match the colors....maybe. I have the sash.....need to do a bit more conversing, I think. I'd like to have the yarn by the AGM (first weekend of June...2 weeks.....huh. Not sure that's gonna happen. Gee, guess I'll have to keep that extra skein of yarn....:lol:)

Lunch date today! :bounces: