May 15th, 2009

Calvin: Faces


:huh: After my 2nd post yesterday, I went browsing eBay.....and we now own a (lower-end) Cream Separator. :blink: It was on as a BIN or Best Offer..I made an offer, the seller countered, I countered, he countered, *I* countered...and got it. Sweet Geek was happy - it was a little more than he wanted to pay, but less than the seller listed it for ($28 more than we wanted to pay, $19 less than the seller wanted). :shrug: Fresh butter, here we come!

Sweet Geek also told me that...well.....3 goats won't really do it. We need 5. :blink: No...I don't think so. After a bit of back-and-forth, we settled on 4......I suggested we get 3 now, as planned, and add the 4th next year. He's OK with the moment. :lol:

Hit the feed store last night - the owner gave us the phone number to one of her customers who (used to, she thinks) raises dairy goats. Even if she no longer does it, she'll have the contacts for us. :happy dance: Now we just gotta get the barn built! :lol:

I'm back to not sleeping again...I gotta figure this out. Caffeine only does so much, y'know? :sigh:

Sock - I am almost done with the lace patterning on the ankle. There *is* an error in the chart (I thought so with #1, but figured I might have miscounted) - there are 2 stitches added on row 13 that aren't subtracted....on sock #1 I added a decrease on each of the legs of the wheel, and will do it again on this one (thankfully, I kept notes!). *IF* I do this pattern again, I'll re-chart it so that it comes out even. :shrug: It's not a major problem, so.....:meh:

Himself enjoyed his field trip yesterday. The IMAX film was on coral reefs...that was :meh:, but the Science Museum was the Bomb! :lol: Herself's field day was shortened...they might reschedule, they might not. She came in 5th in....something. :lol:

****WOW*****Just got a response from the seller - the separator will go out today! In 2 boxes! :whee: