May 22nd, 2009

Dr Horrible: Fangirl


I really need to figure out some new subject lines, y'know? I'm recycling them (although, recycling is Green, so...:grin:)

My sweet, thoughtful, wonderful husband bought a couple of cheesemaking books last night. He's really getting into this.....:lol:

The kids are doing well, and impatiently counting the minutes until school is out.

Ms. boss's oldest grandson is getting married today at the JP's office. She is Not Amused...but, hey - it's his life, y'know?

This weekend's agenda includes digging holes for the barn. We bought a pin last night for the auger; hopefully it's the right size. :rolls eyes: Of course, it is predicted to rain every day until THURSDAY. Go figure. At least we can still use the tractor in the rain.....

Have a more meaty post coming...just need to get my thoughts in order.
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