May 29th, 2009

Firefly: Karaoke


Looks like we've made it thru another week. :finally: More random blatherings:

Pool: No one showed up yesterday (color me surprised! NOT), but they are SUPPOSED to be out today with the new unit. We'll see. I'm not holding my breath here.

Chickens: Someone laid an egg in the run yesterday, and someone else got to it and ate it. :sigh: We need to watch 'em and try and stop it - I am NOT going to let some "deprived" chicken eat my eggs!

Socks: Closed the toes on the last pair last night while being throughly cut down to size by the National Geographic Bee. :sigh: (I suck at Geography - as do my children. It was least the kid from Dallas, TX won. I had NO idea there was a geographic bee; nor did I realize what slackers MY kids are! :grin:) I'll start cranking out more Husband socks tonight.

Father's Day: Is coming up fast. Sweet Geek doesn't read here...:grin: I got him this - it's already shipped and is supposed to be delivered Tuesday (yes, they're fast - I just ordered it this AM!) Himself is going to bake him a Chocolate Cheesecake, and Herself...isn't sure. She might toss me a couple $$, she might make him an origami thing...we'll see. :lol: (BTW, Hoegger Supply is a FANTASTIC site to poke around on, if you're interested in cheesemaking or goats. It's...well, cool!)

Hmmm, let's see..horses/dogs/fish are all fine, the kids are anxious for school to be out, our Clan's AGM is next weekend :ack:.....yup, think that's it!