June 2nd, 2009

Calvin: Toilet


the pool pump is acting broke - AGAIN. Yes, this is the $370 BRAND-NEW, JUST installed FRIDAY pump...I went out this AM to feed (around...5:15, if it matters), and the pump sounded "off". I'm not sure I can explain it - I have good ears; I have perfect pitch, I can hear when a car's engine is missing (but I can't tell you which cylinder - I'm no mechanic!) - but......normally, a pool pump has a sort of quiet "hummmmm", with a bit of...sloshy water added in. (If you've ever listened to a pool pump, you'll know what I mean). This morning, it was off....the humm was.....discordant, and the water sounds were missing. I fed the critters, let the hens out, then went back to check the pool. The pump motor was...not HOT, but pretty warm-ish (I could feel heat a few centimeters above the motor). Huh. I put my arm in the (stinky, stanky, GREEN) water to feel the intake....very very very little flow was going into the pool (NOT normal. It's usually a pretty strong flow - makes for a nice back massage :grin:) The pressure gauge needle was bouncing (I couldn't read the number in the ambient light from the garage, but it looked to be around the 20 mark (which is normal); it seemed to be bouncing between 10 and 20.)

:sigh: I pulled the plug. I emptied the skimmer basket (it was pretty empty, so.....that wasn't the problem.) Sweet Geek is on it - I reminded him to tell them that we have a PARTY scheduled for NEXT WEEK, and they HAVE to get this taken care of - we started with the pump on MAY 6. (This is why I LJ everything.....:sigh:) (We put the liner in back in April......this has been going on for far too long).

I am fed up. I need to find another pool company, I think - this is getting stupid.

In other news, it is raining here. Pitch black, heavy thunder....fun. :sigh:

Got Sweet Geek's Father's Day prezzie. He already knows what it is - he found the Hoegger's catalog - and is tickled to death over it. :grin:

The kids' grannie is in the hospital again. She's having an upper GI around noon. :sigh:

My aunt is suppposed to start chemo today. She's one of the triplets (Dad is one of them, too - one day there were 5 kids, the next day -8. They were called the "Unholy Trinity". :lol:)

I have a headache......caffiene hasn't kicked in yet.
Dr Horrible: Sarcasm


Just got off the phone with the pool company (I want to journal this, to keep it for posterity). Sweet Geek called to set up an appt, but they didn't tell him *when*. So *I* called.

She wrote down all the stuff ("pump not circulating. No salt has been added since April; water is a cesspool and smells like a damned lake" :giggle:), told me "Barbara" does the scheduling, and she'd check it.

We're on the schedule for Thursday. I said, fine, BUT we have a pool party on the 13 (OF JUNE), like we ALWAYS do for my daughter, and this HAS to be done. THAT'S why we started this in APRIL ("doh!" she said), and...I am officially beginning to freak out.

She said they'd handle it, and "I'm going into the billing and crediting you hon. I'll take care of it"....we'll see. She's NEVER credited me so far, so I doubt it'll happen this time.