June 3rd, 2009

EOI: M'lady

It's Wednesday!

Which means I have a lunch date! :huzzah:

Pool: It was.....cloudy last night. The pool man "cleaned it real well - said he got ALL the algae out!" :snerk: Riiiiiight. Unless he ran *all* the water thru a filter first, that ain't true. It's just all on the bottom, waiting to be stirred back up again. (Which..since they are coming out tomorrow, I may just do tonight. Depends on the weather....:evil grin:)

Socks: Finished the last 2 pairs of Sweet Geek's socks last night; just have to close the toes on my pair. Also got his "Liberty" yarn (Lorna's Laces Shephard Sock, #1776), so got those 2 wound into balls ready to be cranked up. (He wants flag socks...:lol:) Need to find special yarn for the kidlets...Himself has requested Blue yarn; Herself doesn't care.

I have a post sloshing around re: the current economic situation.....need to get that written up. :sigh: