June 4th, 2009

Calvin: Toilet

Is it Friday yet?

Well, for me it is - no work tomorrow, as our AGM is THIS WEEKEND :ack: and I have to go to the BOD meeting tomorrow AM. Fun stuff....day off and I STILL have to get up at 5. :sigh:

Pool: They are supposed to fix the pump today. Excuse me, but that thought does NOT fill me with glee....because I really don't think they'll show up (see: Last few times we've been "on the schedule" and they didn't show up or do anything at all). I wanna swim, dammit!

Tonight, I have to get all our garb ready to go, make a loaf of bread, wash a load of clothes, get a dump cake ready-to-bake, empty my bobbins and get my basket packed (did I mention I have to be at my Regional's house at 8 AM? No? Well..yeah), load the truck with the tents/chairs/tables/stuffs we took to San Antonio....oh, and feed the critters. :sigh: I need a vacation!

Gotta run - got lots of stuff to do today up here!