June 8th, 2009

Calvin: Toilet

:ugh: I Survived...

Arlington 2009. Barely, but I *did* survive. ritaspins39, sorry I missed you - we bailed out about 3-ish Saturday, and 3:30-ish Sunday. The heat (and the dead-ness) just got to be too much.

2 words to describe this years' Festival: Dead and Hot. Attendance was WAY down from previous years - I could actually *see* the performance tent opposite us! And the Games Field! (That NEVER happens - it's usually too crowded). And Hot - I got hit by the heat about 2 yesterday..it was touch and go for a bit, but I managed to stay upright. Barely.

Didn't acquire anything new (THAT'S a record, too...), because the Vendors that were there hadn't cut their prices despite the economy (and..I'm not saying that they should have, but.....they weren't moving much.); in fact, some of them had *raised* prices. Now, usually that's a smart thing to do for handmade goods; right now, not so much.

I got 1 bobbin completely full, and 1 half full. Also got a bit of a spindle-full of Biscuit hair. :grin:

Our guests seemed to enjoy it, except for the heat. I have a line on some Churro wool next year (our NE Regional raises Churros, and....tosses the wool (!?!!). I'm on the list to get some next shearing....:heh:

The Kirkin' Service sucked...seriously. There were no hymn sheets, which would have been OK except the musicians (that have done this service *EVERY* year that I've been going - 10? 15?) didn't know the words (it's pretty much the SAME SONGS every year.) and so, none of the congregation got them, either. (I haven't gone *every* year, but they have.) It was...pathetic. I'm still reading up on the verses the minister spoke on ("preached" is a bit much for what he did...), but I'm pretty sure he took them out of context (quick, act surprised!). :sigh: Should have just skipped it, methinks.

I have a nice bodice-burn going......this'll be fun next week when it starts to peel. :sigh:

Family: B-day party THIS Saturday around lunch-ish. I'll try to get emails out...can't promise, but I'll try. Bring your suits, the pool is open (sorta...it'll work, and they are SUPPOSED to get the salt generator up and running THIS week. :snerk:)