June 19th, 2009

Disney: L&S Dance with me

It's Friday morning...

and it's not raining! It's hot, though - but that's normal for TX in June. (Just...not usually this hot!)

The chickens were all OK last night...I didn't check Himself's fishy. (Don't wanna know.....) We're going to try to give the chickens more shade this weekend...we'll see how *that* works out.

We need to get new tires on the trailer and get the lawn tractor tire plugged. We have to do *that* before 12, since in our "town", that's when things shut down. Hopefully we can still get stuff done around the hen house before it gets to blasted hot....

We also need to work on the goat barn..but Sunday is Father's day, so - honestly, nothing will get done then. Big Daddy wants to see a movie, do a bit of shopping..it's his day, so...yeah. :lol:

Work is..work. Co-worker's been out at Ms. boss's house (she can't deal with the fence man herself - it's "too stressful". Grow a set, man! :rolls eyes:) Every.Single.Day. I'm plugging along...but it's awful quiet up here during the day. :sigh: