June 22nd, 2009

Disney: L&S Caffeine

:ugh: VERY random, here...

because, let's see..I have gotten maybe *6* hours of sleep in the last 48. Yeah - THIS'LL be fun! :sigh:

Weekend: busy. Know how we'll be doing the new coop - we're taking over a corner of the run and enclosing it, basically. It'll go fast - 3 of the 4 corner posts are already there, and Sweet Geek bought "me" a pneumatic brad nailer WITH a small compressor.

We leveled the run, and have some of the top wire up. Still need to finish the other 3 sides, but that'll go quick. Had to stop, because...

We took the trailer to get new tires ($300) then off to the repair shop to replace the front jack ($140) and have the brakes and wiring checked. We'll pick it up this Saturday, and to get Sweet Geek's truck tricked out with the electric brake box. ($250~) Seein's how we had estimated $1K for the *trailer*, we're doing pretty good.

Hit the outlet mall to get me some new bras, and to get a curd knife (actually a long pastry knife) for Sweet Geek - we also picked up some soup bowls (they were on sale, and if I bought a $1 bag I got 10% off everything I could stuff into it. :grin:

Mowed the front yard, the alleyway, and the goat area. Fixed the girl's waterer. Buried Himself's fishy :sigh:

Yesterday: I had to deal with hurt feelings - the kids had gone to g'ma's, and Sweet Geek had THOUGHT they would be back Sunday AM for breakfast. (They got back after lunch) :sigh: I tried to gently point out to him on Friday that this was how it would go down....but he missed the point. So...yeah - his first real Father's Day got snafu'd before it even began. :sigh:

We did hit the pool 2x yesterday with the kids - I cut the first time short to take a nap (didn't really work..but I counted it in the "sleep" time, even though I really didn't sleep). The kids had made Sweet Geek a chocolate cheesecake - it was pretty good. We watched Independance Day, then we hiked down towards the creek so Sweet Geek could take some photos. Then back in the pool to cool off.

Me? I need a nap - Benedryl isn't working anymore. :sigh: Don't know what I'll do to help me sleep......I gotta do something, though - the ceiling fan gets boring after a while.