June 23rd, 2009

Calvin: Faces

:ugh: At least I slept last night!

for about 6 hours, too! :sigh:

Animals seem to be handling the heat OK. I have solar sail shades on the way for the chicken run.....the horses have their run-in sheds, and the dogs have A/C. The kids have A/C and the pool.....

Not much else to report....it's been busy at work, and the lack of sleep isn't helping.
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For my Records

OK...this is just for my records. We STILL haven't received the cream separator, and I have opened a claim with Paypal.

5/14/09 - My best offer was accepted, and I immediately went to Paypal and sent the funds. I asked him if he needed a physical address instead of a PO BOX in the Paypal window.

5/15/09 - Seller emailed; told me he was planning on shipping to my PO Box, and informed me it would be shipped in 2 boxes.

5/21/09 - Seller emailed informing me my seperator had shipped; I should receive it in 14 days (I assumed 14 *working* days)

6/10/09 - I had emailed; seller emailed me stating he was "having big delays with packages going out"; I should have my boxes in 5 or 6 days. He also gave me a gmail account to reach him at.

6/18/09 - I emailed seller to check on my package. No response.

6/19/09 - I went to eBay to send a message that way - discovered the seller was no longer a registered user. I immediately went to Paypal and filed a dispute; since he was no longer on eBay Paypal escalated it to a claim then.

6/22/09 - Seller emailed me from his gmail account; claimed he was "slowly shipping the seperators out", and said he hadn't heard from me in a while and "noticed that I had filed a claim with Paypal" I responded; told him the above, and said I wanted my seperator. I would close the claim IF I received it before the claim was finalized; if I received it after I would re-send the funds to him.