July 1st, 2009

Disney: L&S Caffeine

It's Wednesday...

but we did Lunch on Monday, so my week is ALL kinds of messed up. :lol:

Herself had a breakthrough on music last night. I finished their lesson, then decided to go ahead and practise myself - they might as well hear the good, the bad, and the UGLY, right? (I'm actually not doing too badly - I can't count worth a shit anymore, I'm having a little trouble controlling my string changes, and I'm slower than slow, but I'm getting there). I played...something, can't remember what, but it's a "real" violin tune. She said "Whoa. How do you know what to do?" I said "Well. You know 2 notes, D and A, right? :uh huh: OK...so...where's a "D" on this piece?" She got this really weird look on her face, then she all of a sudden brightened up and said "OH! Right there, right?" I said "Yup. A "D" is a "D" on *every* piece of music in this clef. That spot (the first space under the first line for those Non-music readers) is ALWAYS a "D". Same with "A" - in fact, same with EVERY note - they are always in the same spot." The look of wonder on her face didn't last long - but it was there. :grin:

The hens were all fine yesterday - of course, it only got to 90*. :lol:

The music stand esploded last nigth while we were practising.....I mean, it completely fell APART. To the point that I can't get it back together. I wanted to get another one...but now I need 2. :sigh: Stupid piece of junk.....

Paypal settled the claim - they recovered all but $8 for me on the cream seperator. Great..but now I need to find another one. :sigh: Guess I should just man up and pay the difference for a brand-spankin' new one from a dairy-supply company...that hurts my cheapness, but....:sigh:

Got my Lush shampoo bar in...I like it. My hair isn't weighted down, it's clean and soft, and feels....better. I think I'll be sticking with the solid bars from now on...but we'll see. I've only used this one 2x..:lol: