July 7th, 2009

Calvin: Toilet

It's Tuesday...can I nap?

:yawn: I wanna go home....oh, well. Today should be fun - the sun is due to spit out a nice flare (wonder what *that'll* do to technology?), my company received a summons yesterday from a CLUELESS CA attorney (no wonder the state is bankrupt, if she's an example of their law givers), and some of our contract work is due today (but I'm done, so it's good).

The moon was gorgeous this morning, all nice and full and soft yellow. I'm looking for a blood moon soon - but this one was pretty. So was the sunrise - God does marvelous work!

Lazy evening yesterday......I got an Etude book from Amazon, and attempted a couple. Man, I suck. :lol: I know it's been a good 15 years since I last played (and 20 since I played "for reals").....but still, I suck. Slower than molasses, my 4th finger has no strength, and I can't hear the intervals. :sigh: Still, I'll keep at it - it's good exercise for my poor abused wrist.

I need to get back to socks...I have some loverly yarn that's BEGGING to become foot-warmers. :snuggle: And I have some baby-knitting to do! Fun stuff - goes quick, and I can use wild colors and not worry about what the receipiant thinks - babies don't care! :lol:

Off to do some quick web-searching before the 'net dies. :grin: