July 10th, 2009

Disney: L&S Dance with me


the sky is weird - blue, no clouds, and still. Supposed to be 103*, with a heat index of 110*. Fun stuff!

Got to try a carbon bow last night...I like it. It was short - 3/4 size instead of 4/4, but usable. Lighter than my Richter (which feels like a club to me) - I think I need to get me one.

Oh...and Sweet Geek bought a cheap fiddle last night. $60 cheap...yeah, it's not so much impressive. It definately needs a new set of strings, a different bow (the Glasser it has (the carbon bow) is a cheapy, and not heavy enough to draw good tone from this instrument), and possibly needs the set-up tweaked. I can do the strings, he's using my Richter bow (HE likes it - I think we have a winner! :lol:), but I can't do set-up. Still, the tone isn't Horrid...just...not impressive. Sounds a bit dull. Strings should fix that right up. I told him before he bought it that it looked like a minimum of $100 in work to get it playable (well, it's playable now - barely. He understood what I meant - playing with decent tone)...possibly more.

Had a headache last night from too much 'puter time at work. Today, I will NOT surf so much. :grin: Helps that I have something to do today....