July 13th, 2009

Disney: L&S Caffeine

I'm here...

my arm is a bit stiff, but not too sore. Looks like the Benedryl helped! Thank God.....bee stings are nasty; wasps are too. Sweet Geek is on a S&D mission now..:lol:

Weekend: HOT. HOTTER THAN HOT. 104* yesterday with a Heat Index of...108*? I think. Still, productive - we got the chicken coop door hung, the back framed in, the left side finished framed, and part of the front framed. We would have had the left side and front DONE, but we had to go find some circular saw blades to cut the tin. Tin snips just weren't cutting it. Anyway - it should be done this weekend. :fingers crossed:

Got Sweet Geek's new fiddle looked at - it's junk, but playable. Worth the $60, anyway - it projects well, but it's a bit flat in tone. Dull...but still good for learning on. According to the shop, it looks like a German import, been worked over a bit, but still good for learning on. He'll outgrow it pretty quickly - but I didn't say that! :lol:

Coming home Saturday, we saw a herd of goats on the freeway. (Yes, ON the freeway. It didn't even faze our 911 operator - she's used to loose livestock. :lol:) We pulled over and shoo'd them to the service road, then shoo'd them home (the owner got called, and met us at the gate. :rofl:) Mostly boers, a pygmy, and some Nubian-crosses. It was funny.

OK....most of ya'll aren't of the same religious bent as me. I know that, and I try to not rub your faces in my beliefs....but I do believe that time is getting short. Read Revelation - we're THERE, folks. I'm expecting something to happen to the Pope....he's the next-to-last one, according to Malachy. Just....please, if something does happen to him, PLEASE take stock of what you're doing and where you're heading. I....we are entering the season of Harvest, and so many people don't know Truth. Things are going to get worse...and I know what's coming. The next Feast to be fulfilled is Rosh Ha'Shana (Sept. 19)...the Feast of Trumpets, the Day No One knows....the church isn't awake, and most church-goers have no clue what I just said. www.torahclass.com has a fantastic Bible-study online. Start there. Please - it's important.