July 14th, 2009

Calvin: Faces


Lost 2 more chickens yesterday. 1 was sick chicken; we expected that. The other was a Buff Orp...I guess the Buff Orps are just too fat for the heat. We've lost 2 of them so far (and 2 Americunas. :sob:)

Meeting with the banker today. Fun stuff.

Hopefully we'll do music lessons tonight...we'll see. Need a "D" string for the rental - Sweet Geek has it, he's supposed to run it by here, but he's tied up at the moment. :sigh:

Had a Bible question: We know there is a 7 year treaty, thanks to Daniel. (Yup. In fact, a 7 year treaty went into effect Jan 1, 2007.) It - the TREATY - is broken at the mid-point.....but the Treaty and the Tribulation are NOT the same thing...so....how long is the Trib? Discuss...:lol: