July 16th, 2009

fiber: sheepie knitting

Counting sheep do not sleep induce...

:sigh: I think I know what last night's problem was, though - Anna posted that she had found something in Daniel that she needed to write about, that it totally contradicted what the church taught (not surprising...the church doesn't teach a lot of Truth anymore*). So...I went to Daniel and started reading. There's something there that's nagging at me - I get a glimmer, then it's gone. I *think* it has something to do with Dan. 11:31....but....:sigh: It's gonna drive me nuts (short drive, I know) until I figure it out (or she posts what she found. :lol:)

Lessons went well last night - I switched to the Muller Rusch book *I* used as a beginner, and they did well. I have to admit I like it better than the new one Sweet Geek bought....but then, I don't like change. (Take that as you will...:snerk:) They both played Twinkle Twinkle almost perfect cold - so, you know, that's good. We're still just noodling around with the bow - they're not quite ready to *play* with the bow yet. It'll come.

Ordered a fan for the new coop yesterday, and they've already shipped it. UPS says it'll be here (at the office) on Monday - hope so. The hens need all the help they can get in this heat.

Kids are going to Grannies this weekend for 2 whole weeks. Whatever shall I do? :lol: After we finish the coop (Sunday, Lord willing!) we'll tackle the house - starting with the master bedroom. I'd like to get it sparkling by Rosh Ha'shana. (It's the next Feast due to be fulfilled.)

*Don't believe me? Then, tell me this: is your church teaching Revelation? Have they mentioned Solana? What about the Revived Roman Empire (the EU)? Heard about Resolution 666? The 7-year treaty that went into effect Jan. 1, 2007? If not, why not?