July 26th, 2009

Disney: L&S Dance with me

It's DONE!

The coop is FINISHED - the hens have a fan (and it works!), they have a nice new roost, the nesting boxes have been set up....it's nice. And a good 10* cooler than the outside temps. :happy dance: Both of the other coops are dismantled and gone, and the run is pretty much cleaned up.

The only problem...we found (and KILLED) a large snake yesterday - IN the box the solar panel was in. (It moved in overnight...it was NOT there Friday evening!) :shudder:

I broke my violin Friday night, but Fiddle and Bow was able to fix it - I was replacing the strings (ONE at a time, I'm not clueless!) (the old ones were at least 12 years old - they had been untensioned most of that time, but old is still old) and the "A" got hung on the tailpiece....when I yanked it to get it seated properly, the bridge flew off and the soundpost (inside) went sproing. :sigh: They got it all put back together for me (for free!), and we have an appointment to take it in for a full tune-up Tuesday (it's time....I've had it for 25+ years, and it's never been gone over since I bought it. $60 well spent, I think)

Sweet Geek has agreed to get me a clothesline.....help cut the electric bill. :happy dance:

We're missing quite a bit of meat in the freezer.....not happy about that. (Yes, we know...we just don't know *why*. Ask, y'know? Don't just take - that's.....that's not right.) We've moved the freezer key - we wouldn't have noticed, except Sweet Geek wanted a roast and the freezer was unlocked - we keep it locked (for more than 1 reason - I have a habit of not shutting the door fully, and we didn't want to lose $800 worth of cow. Yes, the half a Hereford was right at $800, when you consider $650 for the steer and almost $200 for turning into nice little freezer packages.) That caused us to take a good look at it...:sigh: Live and learn......I can't afford to feed everybody, and that was supposed to last me and the kids all year. Now, it won't.......oh, well. We'll just have to tighten our belts again. (Sweet Geek is supporting us AND his aunt's household. I argued at first about only buying what we'll eat *that* week, but now I understand......:bigger sigh:) Yes, I'll live..and I'll get over it. :shrug: Turn the other cheek and all that....but I take comfort in my Faith.

Anyway.....we got Season 2 of Eureka a while back, and are ready to start it. Should be good - Season 1 was!

I need to go practise some...Sweet Geek is, and I need to show him what he'll be able to do. :grin: Plus, when we were at Fiddle and Bow, I got a book of Star Wars themes...:lol: They're for level 2 players - which he and the kids aren't, yet, but will be soon. This should get them all practising more. :rubs hands together maniacally:)