July 30th, 2009

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

Same song, *3rd* verse!

Massive thunderboomers and tornado warnings, oh my! Such is life in TX....

Got the violin back yesterday. He replaced the bridge, wiggled the soundpost, respaced the strings, did....some other stuff, I think, and gave it a good polish. It sounds Fantastic - some of that is the new strings, yes, but some of it is the adjustments. We'll see how it goes - the new spacing gave me some fits last night.....

Knitting: None. I am stalled - I have the FF socks on the needles, a sweater, a sock on the CSM, a half-finished scarf....and I have NO desire to knit. New yarn isn't even tempting me. Neither is knitting books. :sigh:

Weaving: Ditto. The loom sits empty, accusing me. I just.....can't drum up the enthusiasm to play with yarn. Sucks...but it'll come back. Soon, I hope.

The chicken coop was perfectly dry last night - in fact, it was bone dry about 1' outside the coop, under the overhang. That's pretty darn good! The hens are only using the upper nesting box at the moment...hope that changes - the bottom one is perfectly fine, after all. :lol:

Gonna go watch lightning now!