August 4th, 2009

me: jeep

Stupid Sheeples...

OK. You've all heard of "Cash for Clunkers", right? Right.....WHY don't people THINK???? This is a very, very STUPID idea.....

Here we are in a Depression - oh, go ahead and call it a Recession, but trust me, it's a Depression - so our oh-so-intelligent gov't tells people to get rid of cars that still work, are probably PAID FOR, and they'll "give" them $ a "down payment" on a brand-spanking new car. With the associated payments (hope you don't lose your job there, fella!) and higher insurance premiums (you DO have a job, yes?)......meanwhile, the dealer has seized the engine and set the "trade-in" on the holding lot to be crushed - NOT sold to someone who can't afford the new car payments, NOT picked over for parts to keep other cars on the road, no - it'll be crushed and dumped in our already overflowing landfills.

And idiots are FLOCKING to the dealers. :bangs head: How is this helping the economy again? When these folks LOSE their jobs, what happens to the new cars? They get repo'd.....which will cause even more problems with our already shaky economy (which is NOT going to rebound any time soon - pull your head out and PAY ATTENTION, folks!).....and everybody's gonna be wondering what, exactly, happened. :shakes head:

I said the stock market would fall 2 years ago - and I started planning for a severe Depression. I didn't see the housing market fall....but it didn't really surprise me. Variable-rate loans are STUPID - they suck you in at a cheap rate, then rapidly increase it. People were put into houses they realistically could NOT afford. (And...they didn't put the pencil to it to SEE that they really couldn't afford it. :sigh:) They also didn't figure in the rise in property taxes...which pushes your mortgage payment up as the escrow goes up to cover the rise.

I'm telling you, folks - this is just the beginning. What I see coming - rapid hyper-inflation, a further collapse of the US Dollar, which will lead to a one-world currency (which...the pope is already calling for! :hmmmmm:), which will then lead to a one-world gov't (don't laugh - it IS coming, sooner than you think!)......wake up, people! (If you're a Believer, Revelation - it's all there. Yes, I believe we are LIVING it - the 1st 4 seals have been opened, I think - and possibly the 5th. I think we're at the 6th seal.....could I be wrong? Yes...but I really don't think so.)