August 5th, 2009

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound

Entitlement myth....

This morning I was listening to the radio, and they were discussing the new lottery tickets that are coming out. These tickets are scratch-offs, and are Dallas Cowboy based. Some of the prizes are $100,000, season tickets in a luxery box, etc.

My first thought, upon hearing of the $100,000, was "Thanks, Lord! I could sure use that!" which point I gave myself a mental slap. Why? Because NO WHERE does it say that I am entitled/deserving of someone *handing* me $100,000. Yes, I can play the lotto, and yes, I might just win one of the big prizes....but for me to, without ANY conscious thought, say thanks for a huge windfall...well, that's wrong.

Last week, the preacher who came up with the "prosperity gospel" died. Hooo boy, there is SO much wrong with that it isn't even funny. No, the Lord doesn't OWE you a new house, a Million dollars, a new car, or ANY matierial wealth. Yet I see many, many, MANY people that seem to think that just because they are chrischun they DESERVE these things. (And...that's what this guy preached. NPR played soundbites of his sermons "If you want a Million Dollars, tell God, and He'll GIVE it to you! He wants you to be Happy!" :bangs head:)

No......God doesn't owe us ANYTHING - we owe HIM Everything. We were BOUGHT by blood - we may be free of sin, but we are NOT free to do whatever the hell we want. If we accept his gift of Grace, HE owns us - bottom line. Yeah, that's a hard thing to swallow, since the churches teach that we are Free to do whatever...but that's not Scripture, that's doctrine. We can want anything...but we're not entitled to it. I can want $100,000 - that would, after taxes, pay off my house and Sweet Geek's truck. (That's all it would do, but still....) Doesn't mean that God will arrange for me to buy a winning lotto ticket. (OK...doesn't mean that it won't happen...but it won't be because I deserve it. I know what I'm trying to say,'s hard to put my thoughts into a coherent post.)

I *deserve* death - we all do. We're all sinners. Thankfully, that price has been paid - by Yeshua. I can't repay that - you can't repay someone who died for you. I can do my best to follow God's commandments...but I'll still fall short - but I'm trying.

My point.....there are so many people walking around that seem to have the attitude that they are entitled to a big house (that they really can't afford), a new car (car payments would make their budget even tighter), the latest and greatest electronics (if it's over 5 months old, it should be upgraded!)....and that's just not right. Yes, we can have these things - if we work and actually HAVE the spare funds for them, but NO ONE is entitled to having them handed to them. We're not promised material things - we are promised spiritual wealth....which will last much longer, and won't need to be upgraded. :grin: In this time of economic depression, you might want to think about what's really important, know what I mean?