August 9th, 2009

Calvin: Toilet

Sorry about the Radio Silence....

Besides the whammy of mom's diagnosis (thanks for the support!), and the Sabbath, we've had all sorts of stuff. When it rains, it pours, yes? And yes, He doesn't give us more than we can handle.....still.

I cleaned yesterday. The Master Bedroom is DONE, the kitchen is...well, it WAS done, but it now has the trash from the bedroom in it needing to go out. The living room is DONE, the game/music room is DONE Done Done! The desk is GONE, we've rearranged the furniture, I've cleaned...and we're supposed to go pick up a piano today. :fingers crossed:

Now, add to that.....the hot water heater died this morning. When I say died, I mean DIED - it's bubbling over at the intake. :sigh: The plumber was surprised - it's only 6 years old. It's a good brand. It's DEAD. He cut off the water to it, and will be back in the morning with a brand-spanking new one (So much for our savings...:sigh:). We *could* have gone to Home Despot and picked one up; he'd've installed it, but he said that HD Water Heaters SUCK and would die in 5 years. His? 6 year warranty; they normally go 15-20. :sigh: Same price, so what'cha gonna do? (Hint: Take cold showers today and tomorrow!)

Things do work out for the best, though....we were supposed to pick up a $$$ piano; we got an email about a free one that was supposed to be picked up yesterday. It wasn' off we go this afternoon. (Again, :fingers crossed:) Free is good....

I need to hit the weaving studio next. It's a disaster. Then I'll have to find something else to keep my mind busy...'cause the house'll be clean. Before Elul, even!