August 12th, 2009

Dr. Horrible: Not a Good Sound


Lack of sleep does not make for a happy Fiberaddict. Ah, well - S'bux to the rescue. We'll see if it works....

Lesson last night went well. I had told Sweet Geek that I was willing to teach him, but he'd probably want to see a "real" teacher a few times to make sure I had him on the right track. I do - Lew (the teacher) was very pleased with where he was, pointed out a few things for me to help him with (I am NOT a teacher - I can play, and I can advise, but I am not good at pre-emptive help.) He covered a lot of ground in the hour - not much playing was done, actually, but I could hear a difference at the end of the hour.

Sweet Geek also bought me some music :hugs: Vivaldi's Concerto in D Major. It' Fun isn't the word for it. I suck, but I'll get better. (OK, so "suck" is too strong of a word. The problem is, I *know* what I'm supposed to do, I try to do it, but my left hand is so weak that the speed is *gone*. I can't trill - no strength. I can't bounce my 8th notes (although that *is* getting better).....but I'm still pretty accurate on pitch. I will *never* be back to where I was, but I can play for an audience now without being too embarrassed. Not that I'm planning on doing *that* :lol:)

Piano: There are NO tuners listed in the local phone book. Nor are there any piano teachers. Sweet Geek called the High School (the thinking being "The HS MUST have a choir; they'd have a piano. It needs tuning, therefore - I can get the number from them and we're good to go!")...the lady put her hand over the phone and hollered "We have a PIANO here? Really?? I didn't know that! Who do I transfer this guy to??" :bangs head: Although I figured something like this - they don't have an orchestra, the choir doesn't have a webpage (but the band does - linked to the football SITE, of course!)'s still funny.

Knitting: Still no mo-jo, but I got the heel of FF sock #2 finished last night at the lesson (well, up to the kitchnering; couldn't do that without a pair of scissors. Figured it wasn't a good idea to bring scissors into a music shop. With a hardwood floor. During a lesson. :snicker:)

Left wrist is all stiff this AM..not surprised, since I knit and practised my new Vivaldi. Hopefully I can hit the pool tonight - that should help. So would sleep...wonder if I can take a quick nap?