August 17th, 2009

Disney: L&S Stitch bonking head

Mom's having "tummy troubles".....which makes me all kinds of nervous, but what do you do? She's supposed to call her doc today......:sigh:

We are on a Jane Austen kick at the house - we (including the kids - EVEN Himself, I am so shocked!) watched "Sense and Sensibility" Saturday evening. It was good - the kids even liked it (Yeah for culture! :lol:), and now Sweet Geek is on the hunt for more BBC productions. (We also have "Persuasion".....2 lonely little DVDs. Need more!)

The studio is at the point I can actually *warp* my loom! Need to plan a project.....dishtowels are my go-to, but I'd like to do something else....not sure what, though. Must think on this.....

I found SO many UFOs it's not funny. Fire socks? Silk tank top? Chenille scarf? Sweater for Himself started :gulp: 4 years ago? It's embarrassing.....:sigh:

Need to get the contract work done - IF the doc wants Mom in NOW, I gotta make sure the work is done. Note to self: Download the XL files and QB files, so if I'm off next period I can still get it done (Cyn doesn't do this stuff - it's not hard, just time-consuming, and I set it all up, so I have my routine down. Someone else coming would take 2x as long, because they're not familiar with the systems we use. Not much I can do for that, though...) I can do 'em and email 'em back.......