August 27th, 2009

SW: Obi-Wan Acting

Thursday blues....

Let's see...

Mom: sat up a bit this AM. Still not on solids - I asked the nurse, who took 15 minutes to tell me that she would call the doctor (who said she would start solids on WEDNESDAY. :bangs head: People wonder why I don't go to my local doc/hospital). :sigh: Haven't heard anything this AM, but if she's supposed to be discharged tomorrow, they'd better get their act together - she can't leave if the pipes aren't working!

Kids: Herself is *overjoyed* with the stuff I brought her. I laid out the deal: I bought this for her, in exchange I will get 5 more pairs of earrings. From this point, IF she wants to try to sell jewelry, she will have to pay the listing fees (both etsy and ebay charge small fees) AND the paypal fees (minimal, but still), AND pay me $1.00 each to take the photos, write up the copy, and actually do the work to upload and list them. The rest of the funds are hers to do with what she wants - BUT. She'll have to purchase any supplies she needs from this point on, out of HER money. She's cool with that...we'll see. I didn't tell her, but I am planning on keeping her fees down to $2 - so I might not be getting $1/item. Oh, well - she needs to know that nothing in life is free. And, if she chooses to just make stuff for gifts, that's OK - we'll negotiate supplies later.

Not to leave Himself out, I found (and printed off) some instructons for an origami x-wing. He's made 3...and asked for more directions. I've found a tie-fighter and the Enterprize...we'll see if this keeps him happy. :lol:

Both are tolerating school. For the moment. :snicker:

No violin lessons so far this week....we need to work on that. But, between work/school, swimming, hospital visits, critter care and arbitrary bedtimes, it's just not working. Once mom is home that'll change...but for now they had to go by the wayside. We WILL be picking them back up, though. I am determined that they WILL learn to read music, at least. Actual playing ability is secondary. :lol:

Off to hunt for more jewelry ideas for Herself - I'd like some peacock earrings, and she "can't quite visualize them." :snicker:
Disney: Tink Damn

Mom Update....

:sigh: She won't be coming home tomorrow - doc says she's not ready. No shit, Sherlock - she STILL hasn't started solids! While it's disappointing for her, it's probably better...but what the Hell do I do with the kids next week??? :sigh: (It'll work'll work out...)

Good news, though - the lymph nodes were clear! Good.......