August 28th, 2009

Firefly: Jayne hacking Simon's LJ

Friday blues...

it was raining a bit when I left this morning. This is notable, because it wasn't SUPPOSED to be raining - that was supposed to happen last night. Go figure...:lol:

*I* have 2 new pairs of beautiful earrings! Herself made me a pair of hearts and a pair of butterflys. I wish I could bottle the look she had on her face this morning when I announced that I was wearing "my pretty flutterby's today!". Priceless.....seriously. It was a look of total happiness......

Mom: got ice cream yesterday, so that's something. :fingers crossed: I can bring her home Monday...gotta do something - my boss is...well, ya'll know. :sigh:

Sweet Geek got the new feed room framed in yesterday, and was planning on doing the milk room today. Looks good! I'd like to get the barn done so we can move the grain barrels OUT of the shed - they take up tons of room and bring in mice. :sigh:

Not much else.