August 30th, 2009

Calvin: Faces

It's Sunday....

Let's see.......Mom came home yesterday. She's doing well, not in too much pain, and is moving - slowly, but moving.

Got Herself a Pre-Algebra workbook yesterday - she HATES it. :heh: Says she doesn't need it....yeah. We'll see.

Sweet Geek is outside right now working on the goat barn. The feed room is all framed, just needs siding. The milk room will be framed by tonight...the barn proper will take a bit more. We need to buy siding and then we'll be ready to rock'n'roll.

I got the printer working, so I can work from home. Yippee! Need to download the stuff today, so I can knock it out tomorrow. HAS to be done by tomorrow; I'm trying to get it done today.

Not much else...the pool is calling me, but work needs to be done.