September 2nd, 2009

silly: cat and butterfly

It actually feels like a vacation...

I took the kids to school, then went back to bed. It was...nice. :lol:

Lost a chicken today - Herself has been letting them into the compost area of the run, only the door won't stay open. I TOLD her not to do it...she did, and when I went out at 11, sure enough, the gate was closed. 3 chickens were inside; 2 alive and frantic to get out, 1 RIR is dead. :sigh: I don't want to put water in there - it's a COMPOST HEAP, not a playground, so.....Yes, we need to tie the gate open. But....we're not ready for the chickens to stir it up yet. All that's in there is the shavings from the coop. :sigh: Ah, least we're back to an even # of chickens (I try to look for the bright side. This is a reach...)

George Ure is predicting a huge earthquake this week. Anna wondered if it might not be in Israel.....I'm thinking it might. Ure is also predicting a war between Israel and Iran after theory? Earthquake hits, destroys the mosque. The Temple Institute moves in and starts building the 3rd Temple, which will kick off attacks against Israel (who will, of course, WIN, because they are *still* God's chosen people.) According to Revelation, Syria will be crushed out of it happens now or 20 years from now, it's gonna happen. Seal 6 is a massive earthquake..bringing me back to now-ish. We'll see.

We're having weird weather this year....a very mild summer for us. We didn't have near as many 100+ days as we usually do, and it's been in the mid- to high-80s this week. This is NOT NORMAL for us. It's usually in the mid-90s at the start of September....this year? It's too cold for me to swim. NOT normal. We've also had more rain this year (although no one seems to have noticed....seems to me we've had a good week out of every month where it's rained) - it might not have been flood-worthy, but still - rain in August is NOT NORMAL.

I'm gonna try to nap again.......