September 4th, 2009

pets: Zoey in Snow 2004

Friday, lovely Friday...

Let's see....the goat barn now has a drive-thru window. No, seriously - we picked up a nice window with 2 sections yesterday - both slide. Sweet Geek installed it sideways (I don't need a *tall* window, I need a wide one)...and it looks like something you'd see at BK or whatever. :snicker: Much hilarity ensued....."Let's see - you wanted 1/2 gallon fresh milk, 1 lb feta, and 1 pint ice cream. That'll be $28.95, please pull around and it'll be out once the goats are milked!" :lol:

The rotary dryer is in and in use. I have blanket out there now - it looks like rain, but the sun is shining at the moment, so hey - might as well put it to good use!

Just finished repeat #2 on Monkey Socks - the Scottish version. The CSM is giving me FITS - I am almost done with the ribbing, but it has dropped at LEAST *6* stitches (I think more...6 I am sure of) and keeps trying to drop ribbed stitches. :sigh: It needs an attitude adjustment...I just want to get a plain pair of MacLellan socks out of it!

Got new strings in yesterday for the violin - these are Piastro Obligatos. So far, I like them better than the Evah's....we'll see. The "E" isn't as tinny, so that's good.

My aunt is on her way from Houston...should be here around 2. Need to get the socks to a point I can leave it, and clean up a bit.