September 5th, 2009

Dr Horrible: Fangirl

I have been assimilated......

OK. My Sweet Geek is a wonderful person, he's one of the most computer-literate guys I know, and he's very, very keen on Macs. No biggie, right?

We've been talking a while about "upgrading" me to something better than my (custom-built by him) Dell laptop, and giving it to the kids (the PC they're using is VERY slow, and that's frustrating for them). Well........

We went out today, to pick up a present for his Dad. Hit the Lego store, and on the way home, Sweet Geek said "Let's stop at Fry's, OK?" OK, no big deal - we're already out, and it's on the way home. So, we stopped....we looked, and he hauled me over to the Mac section - "just to see what's out there".

Yeah. Um....long story short, I now have a MacBook Pro. 15" screen, 250 GB harddrive, 4 GB memory (I think...HE'S the computer person!). They had it for a good price (according to him), and it was 0% financing if you put it on your Fry's card (which, of course, he has....)

It's nice, but there's a learning curve. There's no "home" key, or "page up/down", and the arrow keys are a lot closer together than the ones on my Dell. We had a bit of an issue hooking into our wireless network...but it's there and working. Bonus - it found the Time Capsule with no problems, and is currently backing itself up. (Although...there's nothing to backup yet? I haven't transferred my files.....)

I can't run my Windoze programs (yet), but...that's OK. The laptop will keep the QB files, and the Nikon files. The rest can go on here. Until we get either VMware (I think that's the program) and XP, or Mac versions of my programs.

The kids are excited, because they'll be able to actually *play* the full time we allot for online games. And they can do homework a lot faster on the Dell.

Me? I'm a bit sheepish, because I've always been a M$ girl. No more......Apple for the win! :lol:

Oh, and progress report: On the heel flap of Scottish Monkey #1. It's going fast....