September 8th, 2009

silly: cats playing ping-pong

Back at work...

thank goodness this is a short week! :grin: I've already put out a few fires, and work doesn't start until 8 AM! :whew: At least I slept last night! (The swimming did it, I think....I was SO WIPED by 6 it wasn't funny.)

I'm liking the Mac more the more I use it. It's still got a learning curve, though....I figured out if I hit command and the up arrow, it'll page up (or down...). We haven't got the printer sorted yet, and I need to figure out how to get QB and XL on there,'s cool. It'll work out. And no viruses to worry about! :lol:

Sock: Almost to the toe on Scottish Monkey #1. Would have finished it, but I was so brain-dead yesterday I didn't want to knit much. I'll finish it today, then start on #2. Fast knit, and I really, really love the yarn. Go show Three Irish Girls some love, 'k? Fantastic stuff!

We went and looked at trees yesterday, but didn't buy any. (!) I had enough sense to say "Hey - if we're going to spend $$$ on trees, why don't we spend it on the goat barn, instead, and worry about the trees *later*?" which, y'know, makes sense. So, that's what we're doing - we'll be picking up the tin (hopefully) this weekend and getting the barn done.

Off to download another check detail....