September 10th, 2009

pets: chickens

It's already Thursday...

WoW. I just love short weeks!

Downloaded Open Office last night, but haven't had the chance to poke around. All my files are on my flash drive...which was in the Jeep. I didn't go out there because..well, my co-worker brought me a bag of VHS tapes of Season 1 of the Clone Wars, and, well,....Star Wars won. :lol:

My favorite Wyandotte lost her tail feathers yesterday - we think the Australorp is doing it. :sigh: Poor thing looks *so* funny now......she's laying, and I think 2 other Wyandottes are too. We found 3 small-ish eggs in the coop yesterday (NOT in the nesting boxes, the coop - under the perch. Silly birds!), which means 3 new layers. Love my chickens! Fresh eggs are SOooooo much better tasting then the store-bought ones (which can be over 45 days old and still be considered "fresh")

Meeting with the bank stuff. :sigh: