September 18th, 2009

Calvin: Toilet

It's Friday!

And Rosh Hashanah starts tonight at sundown. I won't be around until Sunday, at the earliest, unless this is *the* year RH is fulfilled, so......Happy New Year!

I'm still working on the Sabbath post, but stuff's been squirrelly around here. I'm almost totally caught up at work (which is....Odd. I mean, TOTALLY caught up. To the point of posting the end-of-month checks Today caught up.), but the boss has been in, so I can't work on personal stuff. No matter how important it is. :grin:

Short version: The Sabbath is a day in which you do no ORDINARY/REGULAR work. NOT a day you do no work at all. This is per Scripture......also, only Yah can make things Holy/clean - NOT man. For a rabbi to declare lobster "clean" or kosher....that's a type of arrogance *I* do not want to associate with. (For a water creature to be clean, or food, it MUST have both fins AND scales. A lobster has's NOT food. End of discussion.)

Am working on Sweet Geek's socks on the CSM. I've given up on the ribber - it doesn't seem to like the Adorn Sock yarn. EVERY time I try, it drops stitches - last night, it dropped *19*. :sigh: I pulled everything off, re-wound the ball, and started again, this time in "mock rib" (3 cyl needles in, 1 out, all the way around). I've knit the cuff, and am now picking up the non-stitches - in RIB - to create the 3x1 ribbing. I'll go from there in plain stockinette. A pain, yes - but it'll give me socks this way without much cussing and moaning. :lol:

Must run - gotta finish my letter before and get it printed. (Yes, I have a letter, just in case this is the year. Need to list where things are, and what's going to happen, for those family members that aren't Raptured.) If it's not this year, well, I'll update the letter again next year.

Happy New Year!