September 20th, 2009

pets: the Zoey-monster

Busy busy busy

It's been a busy weekend - even with taking yesterday off!

Yesterday, we enjoyed RH together as a family, indoors for the most part. It was nice and restful. I did get a load of laundry done and dried on the line - that was nice.

Today, Sweet Geek and Himself picked up 3 cedar logs for a decorative fence in front, then we (all 4 of us!) tackled the goat barn. The feed room is almost done - the side and back are tinned, the front has 1 piece (you can now tell what we're going for, there). The milk room has 1 piece of tin across the front, and we installed both doors. I decided I need another window for the barn itself - I want one (a HUGE one) where the aisle is between the does and kids, to let in light and keep me from being claustrophobic. No biggie - we haven't framed that side out yet, so it's easy to do.

After showers (I was COVERED in mud and horse flyspray - it keeps the skeeters down.), we headed out for lunch and Tashlich. It was nice - we couldn't get to our creek, so we went to the Lake Park in town. Got mobbed by geese.....:lol:

RH ends tonight at Sundown. It's been a good one.