September 21st, 2009

Firefly: Jayne in hat

Monday, Monday....

The New Moon was officially sighted over Israel *yesterday*, Sept. 20. Which mean RH *officially* began *Yesterday*, NOT the 19th (when sighting the moon was impossible over Israel.). Interesting times we live in!

Have a headache this AM - lack of sleep. I keep hearing things - and it's not the cow-alarm, this time. :lol:

Am wearing my McLellan socks today - they make me happy.

Knit a pair of socks for Sweet Geek on the CSM out of the other skein of Adorn. It's amazing what a difference the lack of pattern makes in multi-colored yarn. Yes, I have photos in the camera; no, I didn't bring the card with me today. :sigh: I really need to do a post showing things from the beginning - the sash, then the yarn, then both pairs of socks. It's amazing what 3 Irish Girls came up with!

Am pleased with the progress on the barn - if someone else had to step in and finish it, they could, without a lot of confusion. It will DEFINATELY have to be painted, though - the blue looks sad and forlorn. Red would be a much nicer choice - and look better, too! :lol:

Must hunt down some asprin....