September 23rd, 2009

Disney: L&S Caffeine

I'm all antsy today....

not sure why. RH is over, we're in the '10 Days of Awe' leading up to Yom Kippur (did you see where Glenn Beck is calling for a National day of Prayer and Repentance....ON Yom Kippur? I mean..OK, but if you're going to try and co-opt THE Holiest day of the year, you'd better observe it correctly! *ahem*)....wait, where was I?

:lol: Himself is having a hard time at school dealing with "the stupid people, Mom!". Seems he's gotten into a few...discussions...about our beliefs. "Mom! It's Right There. But they still eat Pigs! They're Stoopid!" *cough* "No, honey - they're just following what their church has taught them. They - " "Then their church is Stupid! They should know better!"

Poor kid. He is color-blind, anyway, and this proves it - he only sees things in Black and White. I gently tried to move him away from the "Stupid" by saying, "well, yes, the church has things wrong, but the people are only following what they've been taught. That's why we no longer attend - I was tired of trying to correct all the wrong teachings."

And yes, the church IS wrong - on a LOT of things. Collapse )

Man...I kinda went off the rails, there. Ah, well - guess it needed to be said. :grin: