September 30th, 2009

Disney: L&S Stitch upside down


No rhyme or reason to this one....

The chickens sleep all crammed up on the nesting box - only 2 Wyandottes were on the perch. Think we need to build a few more nesting boxes.

Been reading the Bible - started in Lev., hit Revelation, and came back to Exodus. Noticed a few things I never noticed before: Sukkot is an *8* day Festival, both Exodus and Rev. mention "wings of the eagle". :hmmmm:

Home Depot hasn't called about the air compressor. Need to check on that - can't really (well, *easily*) finish the barn without it

Figured out the clothesline - to open it, you have to pull on 2 sides opposite each other - not the 2 *next* to each other

Need to get feed today - horse/chicken/dog. Sweet Geek is handling the horse/chicken part

Am unsettled for some reason. Not sure why

Mowed the back yard last night. Need to assemble a sukkot tonight/before Friday evening (easy-peasy. 8 cinder blocks, 4 4x4s, some rope, and the leftover lattice from the pool deck.)

Need to get more chlorine tablets for the septic. Currently using pool tablets (lot cheaper at once, but don't last as long)